I only recently got to hear about Barry Crimmins. I stumbled onto Bobcat Goldthwait’s last special. This led me to find out what other work he had created. I found and have subsequently repeatedly watched Call Me Lucky – a chronicle of the life and battles of satirist and political genius commentator Barry Crimmins.

Bearcat, as he was known to his friends, is what I think Bill Hicks would have become had the anger and the cancer not consumed him. Sadly, I recently discovered that the Big C had taken Crimmins too, in February of this year…

It pains me that these geniuses are always taken away from us, sometimes before they can be appreciated, at other times before they could make a difference. In Barry’s case, he left a legacy that is now beginning to be known. He fought his own demons and defended others against theirs. A genius. An icon. A protector of the weak and the betrayed. I hope that he can finally take his place with the great truth-tellers of this world – Pryor, Hicks, Carlin, Crimmins.

I’m sorry I never got to meet you. I feel blessed to have heard your words. Go in peace Bearcat. Bless you for telling his story, Bobcat.

‘I’m whatever threatens you. I’m a communist with AIDS and I bite.’ – Barry Crimmins.

His last special: Barry Crimmins: Whatever Threatens You is available at http://www.barrycrimmins.com/