January 27, 2012

Today the muse grabbed so I thought I’d add these ideas to the site.

This is a list in progress. 
Here’s hoping that none of these apply to you. And if they do…I want pictures.

1. I only watch the porn you’re in. To! To! I only watch the porn you’re inTo!

2. Let the man have his opinion babe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, especially when he’s huge.

3. Wait, let me set the camera to panorama.

4. You smell of cheese…again.

5. Let’s ask your mom, she knows about V.D.

6. A headache? OK, but that’s not the part of you I need right now.

7. Getting laid. Chat later. LoL!

8. If I said you have a beautiful body, would you help me bury one?

9. Can you take a punch?

10. Pole dancing will firm your butt up nicely.

11. You look just like my exes.

12. They said she put up quite a struggle.

13. They never did find the body.

14. It’ll make my life so much easier if you just adopt my ex’s name.